Get Clarity!

The Marketing Strategy Process

During my 25 years in advertising, public relations and marketing, I learned a fundamental idea.

Separate simplification from amplification.

Because, if they are combined, the results are muddy — and hard to objectively assess and manage. 

So, before asking creative people or salespeople (or anyone else) to speak on behalf of the brand or the product, determine the vision and brand message strategy. Don’t ask the amplifiers to also be strategists.

As a strategist with my colleagues at Young Isaac, I developed Get Clarity!, a rigorous, facilitated process for executives, brand managers, creative resources, and customer-facing personnel to collaborate in the development of vision and brand message strategy. 

Get Clarity! applies well-known consumer behavior models, such as Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Al Ries and Jack Trout’s positioning strategy, and Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen’s theory of reasoned action. And Get Clarity! has more proprietary techniques, incorporating methods to condense the strategy into a single (long, grammatically awkward) sentence — “Top 5” — and to bring the resulting strategy to life through improvisational theatre activities.

The Outcome?

A clear message strategy that benefits from what you know, so that you can then — with my continuing help, if you like — amplify that message consistently, persuasively and uniquely in internal and external communications.

The Get Clarity! process is based on a series of come-to-simplicity debates where we illustrate the developing vision and message strategy. These debates and illustrations are fueled by market research (when necessary) and three facilitated in-person conversations. 

Get Clarity! typically requires four weeks. The schedule can be compressed, if client availability permits.

What Does This Cost?

For programs in central Ohio (additional charge for travel), including all program design and preparation, implementation of the program, and follow-up debrief and report to the broader team: $25,000. Not included are costs for facility or hospitality. 

Or, if you would like to do it on your own, here’s a summary form that I use with my students at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

To discuss your marketing challenges and opportunities, please contact me.