We had some fun together.

What did we talk about?

Here are items mentioned during the recent keynote, workshop or bus ride.


Artie Isaac chairs eight groups of peers who meet monthly to challenge and encourage each other. The result? Better leaders, making better decisions, for better outcomes.

Creativity & Personal Mastery (CPM)

Artie is studying with Srikumar Rao — a global teacher of MBAs and other humans — on the topics that lead to greater focus and less stress.

Your Next Car Is Coming

Artie mentioned his optimism in the impending arrival of self-driving electric vehicles. It’s based on this video by Tony Seba on Clean Disruption – Energy & Transportation.

Artie’s Presentation Materials

Casey Brown’s
Favorite Charity

Through Drop In The Bucket, Casey raises funds to build wells in places where girls are otherwise needed to fetch water all day. Once the wells are flowing, the girls can go to school.  Here — in a top TED video! — Casey (a pricing expert) talks about pricing and self-worth. Below that, a button will take you to Drop In The Bucket.

Going Into The Cloud

Artie mentioned Uri Alon’s cell biology laboratory — and how his graduate students feared The Cloud. Here’s the video. (Vistage Chair Joe Faessler said, “Falling into the cloud is not only inevitable, it is ennobling.”) Here is TED talk, Why Truly Innovative Science Demands A Leap Into The Unknown.

Four Books, Two Poems and a Meditation


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