Quick Learning Events For Your Team

What’s a “Birdfeeder2Go”?
A “Birdfeeder2Go” is a private learning opportunity for teams who work at companies led by Vistage members.

Artie Isaac is ready, willing, and able to come by for a morning day starter, a lunch and learn, or afternoon day ender.

To schedule a Birdfeeder 2Go, contact Monica Leck at [email protected].

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Ready To Go:

The Abilene Paradox
by Jerry B. Harvey, Ph.D.

Duration: 90 minutes

Details On This Session

AV requirements: projector, screen 

The late Jerry Harvey (1935-2015) was a favorite Vistage speaker. His Abilene Paradox teaches that much dysfunction results not from our ability to manage conflict, but our inability to manage agreement. Dr. Harvey kindly created a 20-minute video, which we will watch and discuss.

This is a life-changing lesson on organizational dynamics. It is a classic for any Vistage member.

Ideal for teams at any level.

Time Management and Productivity using Getting Things Done

Duration: 60 minutes

Details On This Session

AV requirements: none 

This is a book club before anyone reads the book! A quick preview of David Allen’s bestselling classic, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

Ideal for individuals or teams at any level.

Brainstorming with Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

Duration: 60 minutes

Details On This Session

AV requirements: none 

Invite your team to read Edward de Bono‘s short, insightful 1985 classic, Six Thinking Hats. Artie will lead a debrief, guiding the team in brainstorming using the learnings.

Ideal for individuals or teams at any level.

Mental Chatter and Mental Models
by Professor Srikumar Rao, Ph.D.

Duration: 75 minutes

Details On This Session

AV requirements: none 

As a student of Dr. Rao’s Creativity & Personal Mastery (CPM) course, Artie can describe the first two building blocks of CPM: mental chatter and mental models.

The results: clearer thinking, greater productivity, more joyous living. No foolin’!

Ideal for humans.

Role Clarification For Not-For-Profit Boards
by Artie Isaac

Duration: 25 minutes

Details On This Session

AV requirements: none 

Successful, earnest, generous people serve as board members at not-for-profit organizations. Often, these otherwise disciplined folks improvise their role. This raises questions and challenges. When does a board member’s willingness to roll up sleeves become micro-managing? What does a board ask of the chief executive? What causes board members to create value — and what leads them to leave the board in frustration?

The answers to these questions can lead to clarity and focus — or create far too much make-work for board and CEO alike.

Artie Isaac has served 50+ not-for-profit organizations, as board member, board chair, founder, consultant, and Vistage Chair. Along the way, he has seen the best practices of boards. The key to effectiveness: the board’s relationship with the not-for-profit CEO.

Invite Artie to a board meeting and he will lead a swift conversation to clarify the role of the board and refocus the board/CEO team on its highest purpose: furthering the essential mission of the not-for-profit organization.

Ideal for not-for-profit boards.

Questions & Answers

How do we schedule a Birdfeeder2Go? Please work with Monica to schedule. [email protected]

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