Vistage CEO peer Groups

CEO Peer Groups

You can’t work harder, longer, or smarter. Something has to change.

Join Vistage, where business leaders confidentially share insights, identify blindspots, and offer agenda-free advice. 

You’ll be a better leader, make better decisions, achieve better outcomes — and return to balance.

Isolated at the Top?

My journey

When I owned Young Isaac, I gathered with a dozen business owners — a CEO peer group. We met confidentially to share experiences and insights. We described our challenges and opportunities, identified blindspots — and greatly benefited from each other’s agenda-free recommendations. We learned, as Daniel Joseph Boorstin said: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.”

The results were substantial: my company became more professionally managed, process driven, and — when I was ready — sellable.

This experience also improved my life beyond business. Held accountable by my peers, I allocated my time better. I stopped doing other people’s work. I was able to get home earlier. Life got better.

During decades with many clients, complex question boil down to two topics:

• what do I do with my time? 

• what do I do with these people?

Years Of Toil


Recurring Topics

My Services

What do you need?

I would like to help. There are a few things I do well.

Vistage Peer Groups

Are you a CEO or business leader? If so, perhaps you might fit one of my groups.

Executive Coaching

I am accepting very few CEOs for coaching. Listed here are other coaches who might help you clear away your headtrash.

Creativity Training

I can rejuvenate your team and lift their ingenuity to solve bet-the-company challenges.


Through a brownbag lunch program or a keynote, Artie Isaac will engage your key audience.

What are the stakes?

Many folks are risking more than ever. And there has never been more uncertainty. This is no time to go it alone.