About Artie Isaac

1. Background

I have worked with highly creative people, addressing challenges and opportunities facing more than 1,000 leaders and companies.

After two decades in advertising agencies (daytimes) and classrooms (evenings), I led corporate brainstorming and idea generation programs to develop new products and expand productivity.

Since 2011, I have chaired CEO peer groups with Vistage Worldwide, the world’s leading chief executive organization.

Beyond my work as a peer group leader, I coach executives.

I ask questions, revealing my confusion, without embarrassment.  

I write poetry for dogs and humans. I used to write a blog.

2. Aims

Help writers see themselves as writers.

Empty basement, empty attic.

Build frames, benches, and boxes.

Live for sleep.

Meditate now. (Even now.)

Teach the willing.

3. Introducing Artie

When introducing me at a poetry reading, say what you want.

You could say:

Artie Isaac writes poetry, essays, and other notes in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he is spouse to Alisa and human to dog Margo. Raised in Ohio, Artie was trained in high school as a writer, improviser, and cheerleader. There has been little development since. Artie is a thoughtful mediator and a reckless meditator. He wants to reduce needless suffering.

Artie is the author of:


When introducing me before a keynote or workshop, less is best.

Artie prefers you describe:
How you met Artie
Why you invited Artie to speak
What about today’s topic seems valuable for the audience

If you want to offer a biographical statement, here is a short script:

Artie Isaac has worked with highly creative people, addressing challenges and opportunities facing more than 1,000 leaders and companies. Artie chairs peer groups, coaches executives, and writes poetry.

Artie has taught Personal Creativity & Innovation at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business and Marketing Strategy, Ethics and Creativity at the Columbus College of Art & Design. In college, Artie majored in the humanities and went on to receive a master’s degree in business administration. Artie has written:

Throw Me A Bone: Poetry For Dogs

Pandemonia: Poems In Seclusion, and
Cheerleading: A Little Encouragement.

4. Photographs for promotion

5. Media


In chapter four, “The Overnight Sale” of The Art Of A Happy Exit: How Smart Entrepreneurs Sell Their Businesses (published January 2022), K. Srikrishna describes my departure from the Young Isaac advertising agency.

In November 2021, an interview with Brett Kaufman on the Gravity podcast.

In November 2021, an interview with Mayrav Saar for a Vistage online column, “Leadership Competencies: Three Reasons Why Gratitude In Leadership Is Essential To Success.”

In August 2021, an interview with Laura Newpoff for Columbus CEO, for “How To Identify The Next CEO: Choosing the next company leader is all about culture.”

In May 2019, an interview with Chloe Teasley, Staff Writer, for “Five Traits Of Excellent Leaders,” in Columbus CEO.

In October, 2018, an interview with Mike Manuche and Josh Whitt on the Conquering Columbus podcast.

During December 2013, Jory Farr joined me for a variety of activities and published “The Art of Being Artie Isaac” in the February 2014 issue of Columbus Monthly.

During the summer of 2010, Diane Warren put me to work at Katzinger’s Delicatessen. When Joe Blundo caught wind of this (a sweet, corned beef wind), he wrote “Unusual Intern Savors Slice Of Life At Deli,Columbus Dispatch.

I like this radio interview by Ria Greiff on WCBE 90.5 FM. The first seven minutes are insights and research from Ria Greiff on Understanding General Differences, followed by the interview.