About Team Training

1. What topics are available?

I am a teacher in search of a classroom. Think of me as a freelance instructor.

Here are some ready topics:

  • The Abilene Paradox and the Delegation Tree.” 1.5 hours
    We will explore organizational dynamics and management.

  • “Resetting Defaults.” 3.5 hours
    We will examine how we view the world — and how we can re-view the world to lead to greater productivity and happiness

  • “Coaching Skills.” 45 minutes to 3 hours 
    I will describe how I coach, describing my own trainings and experiences.

  • “Meditation for Beginners.” 1 hour
    A few guided meditations with encouragement. Note: we are all beginners.

Or just tell me what development you seek. How would you want our time together to strengthen your team? 

2. What is the cost?

$5,000 within a two-hour drive. (With very rare exceptions, I don’t travel farther for business.)

$2,500 for a remote presentation.

If you want to pay more, or less, let me know.

Please: no Form 1099. All payments are remitted as a charitable contribution to a specific Donor Advised Fund at The Yellow Springs Community Foundation.

3. Is Artie available on our scheduled date?

This is a great first question. Please ask Monica Leck about availability. See: Contact Artie.

4. Recommended Resources