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What’s a “Birdfeeder”?
A “Birdfeeder” is a public appearance by an expert resource for the benefit of Vistage members. (Private appearances are closed to anyone beyond a specific group’s members.)
Unless otherwise noted below, Birdfeeders are open to all Vistage members, chairs, and friends. Please share this page.
Upcoming Birdfeeders
Dave Collins
Embrace Change and Overcome Uncertainty: Tools and Skills for Everyday Use
Change is inevitable. Successful professionals must navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities to succeed in their roles. In this workshop, you’ll learn tools to confidently work and lead teams through uncertain and challenging situations in order to adapt to change in creative and unexpected ways. You’ll learn how to use the improvisational idea of “Yes, And” to co-create new processes and practice reacting to new situations with little or no preparation time. Overall, you will learn how to practice “bouncing back” from failure to learn from new and uncomfortable professional situations where some level of imperfection is inevitable.
Tuesday, August 4: 1p-2:30p
Chalmers Brothers
Leadership, Conversations, Results

Effective leadership and management today is not the same as it was even 10 years ago. Many aspects of our overall business environment and individual workplace environments have certainly changed. With these adjustments come changes in the skills, tools and competencies required for successful leadership. This interactive presentation by Chalmers Brothers offers a powerful and innovative way of understanding the actual actions required for effective leadership, management and relationship-building – especially in times of seemingly constant change.
Wednesday, August 12: 9a-Noon
Chalmers Brothers
Leveraging the Power of Polarities
Improve the quality of decision-making, accelerate and sustain desired organizational improvements. Learn a practical, powerful conversational framework known as the Polarity Map™ to understand the limitations of “either/or” problem-solving when working with many of your most pressing organizational issues. You will acquire the ability to lead new and powerful conversations with your team that will surface key polarities and expand their ability to lead and navigate successfully.
Note: This program is intended to be presented after groups have experienced Chalmers’ Leadership, Conversations and Results program (offered the day before, 8/12). Come to both!
Wednesday, August 13: 9a-Noon
Timmy McCarthy
Ambition, Plan, Achievement — Retention!
Birdhouse member and thoughtful CEO, Timmy McCarthy describes a program designed to retain his field level teammates by helping them design their lives.
Wednesday, August 19: 10:45a-12:15p
Joel Burstein & James Alberson
Minority Selling: Creating and Maintaining Equal Business Stature
Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which [one] has overcome while trying to succeed.
Activist and educator Booker T. Washington hoped today’s black leaders would find easier paths to success. Yet minority communities continue to face professional barriers. Joel Burstein and James Alberson, Sander Training’s only two black licensees, have created a program to help minorities conquer challenges in selling to clients—and selling themselves. This one-hour program will explain how our curriculum empowers minorities in business to employ the proper mindset and techniques to achieve personal and organizational goals. We will learn what the challenges are, why action is needed, and how to improve sales results in the face of adversity.
Thursday, August 27: 4p-5p
This event is for female Vistage members, with select qualified guests invited to attend as well. Expect to see your peers, fellow female CEOs, business leaders and executives, joining you for a day of celebration, learning and candid conversation. You’ll start the morning with informal networking, then launch into keynote presentations and Chair-guided discussions. Following, you’ll have a two-hour break, before returning for an interactive session on managing stress, capping the day with happy hour networking — it is a Friday, after all!
Friday, August 21
Col. Nicole Malachowski, USAF (Ret.)
Harnessing Headwinds
To be a successful leader, you must effectively navigate failure, organizational change and the unknown. Like headwinds to a pilot, these perceived barriers can force you to change direction, cost you momentum and even take away options. Headwinds can feel disorienting — and downright uncomfortable. Col. Nicole Malachowski will demonstrate that with the right mindset, you can harness the energy of headwinds to your personal favor, and to that of your team and business. With insights derived from her 21-year Air Force career and personal triumphs, Nicole will inspire you to go beyond resilience and become resurgent, with practical tools to empower your team.
Here is a video interview of Col. Malachowsk.
Kim Scott, Author and Co-founder, Candor Inc.
Radical Candor: Creating A Culture Of Feedback
Giving and receiving feedback can be uncomfortable for many of us, but it’s a profoundly important part of success at work. And for women in business, gender bias can make the feedback process even more challenging. Sharing from her own leadership experience, Kim Scott will introduce you to the Radical Candor framework — Caring Personally while Challenging Directly — and provide tips, tactics and takeaways you can put into practice immediately. Learn to build a collaborative, relationship-based culture where you and your team can do the best work of your lives.
Sarita Maybin, Communications Expert And Author
How To Stay Positive And Hopeful In Hard Times
In this upbeat, interactive closing session, find out four ways to stay hopeful and positive as we move into life after lockdown. Learn how to recharge your energy using “resiliency resources” and reset after recent setbacks. Engage with your Vistage colleagues in small-group virtual breakout discussion, chat about best practices and share your top takeaways at the end of a productive day of learning.


Recently Recorded Birdfeeders

Christie Angel
On Eliminating Racism
President and Chief Executive Officer at YWCA Columbus, Christie Angel leads the 132-year-old nonprofit with this mission:: YWCA is dedicated to ELIMINATING RACISM, EMPOWERING WOMEN, and PROMOTING PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and DIGNITY FOR ALL. Prior to becoming the CEO of YWCA Columbus in 2017, Angel had worked for a government relations and public affairs firm; served on the YWCA board; and served as deputy chief of staff and director of external affairs and services for former Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.
More on Christie Angel:
Gustavo Grodnitzky, Ph.D., author of Culture Trumps Everything
UPDATED: Ready Or Not, Here They Come! Maximizing Performance in a Multigenerational Workforce

Recorded on July 16, 2020:
Available only to current Vistage members. Please request password from [email protected]

Buck Mallory, Attorney
Update on The CARES Act and Family Leave


Michael Carr
The Deming Lens: A New Way to View Your Business
Recorded on June 25, 2020:
Please request password from [email protected]
Here’s the essential workshop on Deming:
Monica Levin
The Power of Body Language
Introduction to Reading People’s Nonverbal Communication

A nonverbal communication expert, Monica Levin taught us how to positively influence situations and people using nonverbal communication: intuition, mindset, and body language. Contact Monica and browse her websites for more information:

No recording is available from the sessions on June 23 and July 7, 2020.

Becca Apfelstadt
Time Management Tweaks: Change your thinking, change your day
Recorded on June 24, 2020:
Materials shared by Becca:

Alec Broadfoot
Right People in the Right Seats, Now and Post-Crisis
Recorded on June 12, 2020:
Alec’s slides:

Rebecca Heiss
Fear(less), Inclusive Leadership
Recorded on June 4, 2020:
Rebecca’s materials (slides and poem):
More resources (from Artie):
John Schuster
The Inner Game That Drives The Outer Game
Tom Foster
Management Myths and Timespan
Recorded on May 27, 2020:
Materials shared by Tom Foster:
Subscribe to Tom’s Management Blog:
Greg Ubert, Founder & President at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea
Re-Starting Your Mom & Pop
Here is information on Greg’s book:
Recorded on May 20, 2020:
Michael Allosso
You On Your Best Day
Recorded on May 15, 2020:
Available only to current Vistage members. Please request password from [email protected]
Patrick Ungashick
Recorded on May 14, 2020:
Available only to current Vistage members. Please request password from [email protected]
Adam Harris, Expert On Remote Working and former Vistage Chair
Adapting Your Business To Remote Working, The Opportunity To Thrive
Recorded on May 5, 2020:
Boaz Rauchwerger,
Casey Brown, Boost Pricing
Artie Isaac, Vistage Chair
Leading in Challenging Times: 5 Strategies You Should Know
Recorded on April 30, 2020:
Angie Hicks, Co-Founder, Angie’s List
Re-Starting Your Mom & Pop
Recorded on April 29, 2020:

Shannon Lee, Relā
The Hula Hoop of Change

Poetry Circle 
Poets read poems to each other. Some poems are finished and ready. Some are still in the works. Listen as the poets applaud and critique each others’ work.

Natalie Siston, Small Town Leadership
Energy, Attitude & Leadership: How are YOU Showing Up? 

Recorded on April 23, 2020:
Here is the handout Natalie Siston shared after the session:
Bea Strickland Wray, Author
Business Lessons Harvard Taught Me But My Kids Made Me Learn
Recorded on April 22, 2020:

Jennifer Ciccarelli, Head of School, Columbus School for Girls
Isolation In A Home With Children

Recorded on April 15, 2020:
Here are materials Jennifer Ciccarelli shared after the session:
And, from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Two University of Georgia professors say this is not business as usual and it’s unethical to act as if it could be” (April 1, 2020):
Gustavo Grodnitzky, Ph.D., author of Culture Trumps Everything
Culture, Coronavirus, and RecoveryWhat We Can Learn From Companies That Are Weeks Ahead In Responding To This Pandemic
Recorded on April 10, 2020:
Steve Hammons
START ME UP: A View Of Beyond The Shutdown
Recorded on April 8, 2020:
Robert Shire, M.D.
Think, Eat, Move: Effective Leadership Principles to Be Healthier, Happier, and Less Stressed
Recorded on April 6, 2020:
Patrick Lencioni
Overcoming Organizational Dysfunction
Ongoing Birdfeeders
Juan Alvarez: Daily Mindfulness Meditation
Every day, Juan Alvarez guides two meditations on Instagram Live. You can attend live, or enjoy them all day @consciousexecutivecoach/.  
Daily, 8a
No registration required.
Beth Weinstock and Artie Isaac
Poetry Circle
Beth and I will read poems aloud. Some are finished and ready. Some are still in the works. Listen as we encourage and critique one another. (You and all other attendees will be muted throughout the session.)
Every other Sunday: 7p–8p (might go longer, depending on the poems)


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