What is “Net Cotton Content”? Beats me! But here’s why this blog is called “Net Cotton Content.”

My friend, teacher and grandfather, Andy Sokol (of blessed memory), often told me stories of his growth, achievement, humor and loss. In one often retold tale of career victory, he profits from the fine print: “net cotton content.”

As I get older, I find that — like Andy — I am repeating my stories. I might go to lunch with Louie on Tuesday and Louise on Wednesday — and tell them the same story. They might (I hope) enjoy the story, but I don’t want to become bored with hearing myself tell the same stories each day. So, now I can simply stop myself and invite Louie or Louise to visit Net Cotton Content. This forces me to think about new stories each day.

Net Cotton Content is dedicated to the blessed memory of Andy and is an attempt to record the stories that I have told more than once. This is my way of not telling the same stories over and over for the rest of my life.

Here’s an audio file of Andy telling his Net Cotton Content story in 1988. My mother had the good foresight to record his stories.