Ear A friend has invited me into his organization to elevate awareness of the ethics of speech.

“We don’t have a specific challenge,” he says. “Except, of course, we’re all human, and that’s always a challenge. At work, we handle highly confidential information. Some discussion of proper boundaries would, no doubt, help us manage the flow of information.”

So, I’m coming in.

Here’s The Agenda
I’ll meet with the management team. After the following activities, the management team will have a better idea whether to apply (or revise) these activities for a broader group.

First, two weeks before our meeting, I’ll send an advance survey to the management team. Something like this.

Then, on November 16th at 1:30 p.m., I’ll come in for a discussion called Ethics of Speech: Collaborating For More Enjoyable Worklife:

  • Definitions: gossip, slander, libel, confidentiality.
  • Best practices: what are traditional boundaries, legally and socially?
  • The current state: what boundaries are there in popular culture?
  • Our challenge: review of the advance survey.
  • Brainstorm: potential next steps.

How This Works
There’s no secret agenda.

I have seen how casual speech can make life unnecessarily complex. And I have also seen how the study of the ethics of speech can make life simpler. 

So, I’m offering to help people benefit from a little study of the ethics of speech.

Let’s go.