Subject to change, per the continuing elevation of the board toward common sense…

Board members must:

  1. Support the artistic direction of Matt Slaybaugh.
    As a board, it is our strategic policy to help Matt realize HIS artistic vision. What that vision is, we — by
    policy — leave to him. He does seek insights (ours, the company’s
    members’, others’), of course, but that also is his prerogative. The
    board doesn’t decide which shows are to be done, or cast or direct those
  2. Give or get $100 per month in contributed income,
    payable monthly or otherwise (in advance). This give-or-get amount will
    probably change to $200/month, so don’t join the board unless you
    understand that we might seek $200/month. Important note: whenever
    this requirement stands in the way of a board member’s participation, it
    can easily be waived (cheerfully, joyfully and candidly — no skulking
    around). We simply ask that the board member (and all board members)
    give some dollar amount each year and also create enormous value in
    another way. See the next paragraph.
  3. Do somethings big. We ask each board member to do
    something big, creating enormous value for AVLT.
    For examples: create and implement a fundraiser, apply and secure a
    grant, sell a giant number of tickets. And we make “something” plural,
    because we want board members to do more than one thing each year that’s
  4. Attend performances and bring friends. We rely on
    the board to sell tickets and generate interest. Red Flag: a
    reluctance to bring friends to performances suggests a bad fit.

    Note: Attending early in each run (such as opening night) is preferable
    to later performances, so that you can create momentum and buzz.
  5. Attend and participate vigorously at board meetings.
  6. Care joyously. We seek people who are
    glass-half-full people. People who are up-beat, let’s-go, and hoo-haw.
    (People like you.) This is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and meet
    the most intensely delightful and delightfully intense people. Ideal
    board members engage.

Twice a year, each board member meets with the board president (or
the nominating committee head) to discuss the value the board member is
receiving and creating.