BusinessFirst_napWelcome to Net Cotton Content.

If you like reading Business First, you will like Net Cotton Content. Or not. They are really nothing like each other. 

Business First is all about up-to-date reporting of business news and trends in central Ohio.

Net Cotton Content is about something completely different: stories about ethics and creativity, written for business people.  

Enough With The Introduction
Net Cotton Content has an archive of more than 600 pieces, each less fascinating than the next. Here are a few recent posts you might like:

  • A Message For Job Creators — this short piece makes good reading for business owners and their employees. It includes a link to a three-minute video that explains what business owners are entitled to from their employees. 
  • This Old Heart — a reflection on growing older, with unresolved loves behind me. 
  • Visited Upon The Son — the day my father invited me into his business, and I gave it about three nanoseconds of consideration.

But, Wait, That’s Not All.
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And below that is a list of books that I am pretending to read. Very impressive.

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