What Care Of Nature?

Deer leap our fence,
to graze the early springtime grass.
I had missed how predictable their
comings and goings,
as if a daily commute
from the Glen to our yards and back.

Birds cross above,
on flight plans I’d underlooked,
with not prey in their beaks,
but thatch for nest building.

The natural world endures,
every creature an essential employee,
in the globe’s economy.

Depending on your theory,
the Universe is either
benevolent or malevolent.
The outcomes suggest
the Universe is indifferent.

Was the world created for me?
Or am I but dust and ashes?
as Abraham proposed to save Sodom.
Both are true at once.

Walking in the yard today,
I wondered, vainly human:
“Does Mother Nature stand
just beyond our fence,
waiting to collect me?”



March 24, 2020