Contact Artie

1. Ask anything.

Please send me any question. I’m happy to hear what you are wondering.

I prefer a question that starts “How do I …?” or “How do we …?” Such a question is tactical and practical, rather than philosophical and paradoxical.

Once we have that HDI (or HDW) in front of us, we can wrestle with the tactical, practical, and the philosophical and paradoxical.

Note: Please avoid the phrase “pick your brain.” As a former and future vegetarian, it turns my stomach. (I once ate sweetbreads.)

2. How we will pursue the answer.

For expediency, I will respond in writing or in a short video. 

This will serve you much more quickly than if we try to schedule a meeting.

It also preserves my time for keeping promises already made. 

If, after we correspond, a meeting is still valuable (to both of us), we can certainly schedule. 

3. Scheduling.

Monica Leck runs my calendar. (Monica also reads all my email and answers much of it, always identifying herself.)

Monica allocates my weekdays. Beyond that, I can schedule.

I am available for in-person meetings in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I am available for Zoom or phone, too. (Additional flexibility is offered to current clients and peer group members.)