Reporting to a CEO?

For Key Executives and Emerging Leaders

Seeking leadership development for your key executives and emerging leaders?

Grooming your #2 for executive leadership?

Want to transform your high potential managers into leaders?

Here are two proven leadership development programs for your consideration.

Artie Isaac chairs all of these groups.

Key Executive Peer Groups

Emerging Leaders Program


Aim: Key executives who report to a CEO meet for peer-to-peer influence, encouragement, and skill development.


    • Monthly meetings, ongoing, facilitated by Artie Isaac:
      • a long-standing group meets on first or second Wednesdays
      • a second group will launch in May, meeting on third Fridays
    • Due to confidentiality, only one key executive per company can be in each group.
    • One monthly meeting is our annual overnight retreat (in Yellow Springs, Ohio) — when gatherings resume
    • Invitations to Vistage speakers visiting other Birdhouse groups.
    • Monthly meetings of Triads (groups of three members) for accountability and small-group issue processing.
    • Dues, paid in advance:
      • $9,428 annually (discounted $8,381, if sponsored by a CE or SB member)
      • or $4,787 semi-annually ($4,255 for sponsored members)
      • or $810 monthly ($720 for sponsored members)
      • plus, a one-time enrollment fee of $800 (waived for sponsored members).
      • note: historically, Vistage has raised dues approximately 3% each October.

Aim: High potential managers receive two years of training in 12 leadership curriculum areas.


      • Planned for launch during the second half of 2021
      • Different from confidential peer group meetings, multiple participants from the same company can be placed in the cohort.
      • A meeting every other month (six times per year), for two years, each morning led by a Vistage speaker, with an afternoon workshop for application of the speaker’s content, facilitated by Artie Isaac.
      • Each participant also works with a mentor, aided by a program guide.
    • Invitations to Vistage speakers visiting other Birdhouse groups.
    • Dues, paid in advance: $5,100 annually

A kind-hearted, but candid statement of intention

Qualitatively, we will admit people who are firing on all cylinders:

  • are smart, ambitious, and successful
  • are trusting and trustworthy
  • are earnest, but don’t take themselves too seriously
  • are kind-hearted (no jerks)
  • play the big game — are willing to bring their biggest challenges
  • can engage — show up on time, focus (no cell phones), lean in
  • will confront their peers kindly
  • are experienced enough to know they need to change — and energetic enough to do it.

This group is for “A” Players. If you are an “A” Player, here is a message for you.