A Peer Group for Micro Enterprises

Are you a lone eagle?

Would you fly farther and faster if you joined birds of a feather?

Quiet solitude might help you succeed. But has it become isolation?

Where do you go to:

  • test your assumptions and potential strategies?
  • question your answers, finding and addressing your blindspots?
  • build renewable revenues and an asset that can be sold on exit?

Introducing Working Surface

Working Surface is a confidential, monthly peer group for successful, trusted, energetic, glass-half-full entrepreneurs. People with a briefcase of clients, a handful of collaborators, and an established professional practice.

Working Surface launched in 2012. Current members are ready to add two new members. Are you a candidate?

More information:

  • Monthly peer group meetings.
  • September meeting is our annual overnight retreat (in Yellow Springs, Ohio)
  • Invitations to Vistage speakers visiting other Birdhouse groups (“Birdhouse” is the community of Vistage members in my practice.) See the current offerings at
  • Monthly meetings of Triads (groups of three members) for accountability and small-group issue processing.
  • Members: Trusted Advisors — no competitors, no conflicts
  • Dues, paid in advance:
      • $5,300 annually
      • or $2,691 semi-annually
      • or $460 monthly (12 months per year)
      • plus a one-time enrollment fee of $335

A kind-hearted, but candid statement of intention

Qualitatively, we will admit people who are firing on all cylinders:

  • are smart, ambitious, and successful
  • are trusting and trustworthy
  • are earnest, but don’t take themselves too seriously
  • are kind-hearted (no jerks)
  • play the big game — are willing to bring their biggest challenges
  • can engage — show up on time, focus (no cell phones), lean in
  • will confront their peers kindly
  • are experienced enough to know they need to change — and energetic enough to do it.

This groups is for “A” Players. If you are an “A” Player, here is a message for you.