How To Terminate Your Vistage Membership

Wait. What? Really?!?

Is this the right time for you to move away from the table? Have you received — and given — all you can?

Are you leaving for one of the reasons some people never join? (Here are the top 10 reasons people don’t join Vistage in the first place.)

First, Some Questions For You

What is your emotion as you contemplate leaving?

Can you say to yourself that you have given Vistage every effort? Have you been a 10 (out of 10) member? What does a 10 (out of 10) member look like to you?

Have you discussed this at a buddy lunch, 121 or triad? If not, why not?

Have you recently processed a deep issue? If not, why not? What would the HDI be?

Why are you really leaving? What is the underlying issue?

Under what circumstances would you stay? Are you willing to create those circumstances?

What do you fear (about staying in Vistage)?

Six months from now, how will you describe this decision to yourself?

O.K. Your mind is made up.

You are leaving.

Mazel tov on your decisiveness.

Here’s how to terminate your membership in two easy steps.

Step 1: Throw The Switch

Right now. Don’t wait. You have a 90-day termination period, so get going!

Only you can throw the switch. There are two ways:

1. Do that by writing Artie and Monica an email saying: throw the switch. We will forward it to the Member Services Department, who will begin our mourning process.

2. Or quit here.

Either way, Vistage will reach out to ask you a couple questions — related to Why?!?

NOTE: The rollover to another month in the 90-day termination process comes on the 16th of the month.  For example, if you throw the switch in January on or after January 16th, May 1st would be your drop date (and no May dues would be charged). If you throw the switch earlier, April 1st would be your drop date (and no April dues would be charged).



Step 2: Tell Your Group

You have two choices for how to tell your group.

You can write everyone, describing why you’re leaving, expressing your gratitude.

Please copy If you need any help with the email distribution (to one of Artie’s groups), ask Monica Leck.

And/or you can come to the next meeting and tell everyone. They might ask you to process your departure as an issue — for you or as a group health issue. They are bound to ask you: “What will you give up by leaving? And how will you replace that?”

Artie tells them for you is not an option. Artie cannot tell them for you. Artie cannot speak for you. Artie cannot speak for anyone (other than Artie).

And, once you throw the switch (step 1), Artie is obliged to disclose your termination to any group member he sees. Your departure is a material event for the group. When Artie runs into your peers (at 121s or the group meeting, for example), he can’t pretend he doesn’t know you are leaving.

But, if the other group member asks why you are leaving, and you haven’t written the email or told the group, Artie will say, “You need to speak to the departing member.” (If you are leaving as a member-in-good-standing, Artie will make it clear that this was your decision and not his. And whether he is officially against or for your departure!)

Why Did Artie Create This Webpage?

Because smart people join Vistage every day.

And smart people leave Vistage every day.

There are two doors — and the exit door is not a door of shame or blame.

How do you handle departures of key members from your team? Do you banish and excommunicate?

This webpage was written in the spirit of respect and gratitude to any member who came to the table and tried to give it a go.

But, really: are you sure you want to go?

If you throw the switch — and then change your mind — just say so. Unthrowing the switch is the easiest thing for Artie to do.