Time For A (New) Triad?


    This is a great time to get into a Triad if you are not yet in one. Or get into a fresh, new Triad. 

    • Do you want Monica to assign you to a Triad, willy-nilly, as is our fashion?
    • Is there anyone you specifically want in your Triad? Perhaps it’s geographical, making it easier for the three of you to get together. Perhaps it’s because you are in similar — or different — stages of organizational development or career experience. Maybe it’s just curiosity. You don’t need to tell Monica why. But tell Monica who, if you do.
    • Is there anyone you don’t want in your Triad? There’s no accounting for taste. Might as well let Monica know quietly. She will keep it a Big Dang Secret — but I also encourage you to pursue that (those) person (people) for your next Buddy Lunch(es).
    • Would you prefer to be left out of all Triads? If you choose this one, Ebenezer Scrooge, you can always opt in later.

    Hey, wait! What’s a “Triad”?

    • A Triad is three (or four is a Quad or five is a Quint) members who schedule to meet monthly throughout the year (and beyond if they like) to:
      • Hold each other accountable to goals
      • Process issues
      • Probe about whatever was said by the members of the Triad during the monthly group meeting
      • Whatever else comes up
    • A Triad is not:
      • Social chit-chat about traffic, sports, or weather. Don’t let the meeting start with one of the most boring subjects, a recounting of each person’s journey, how each got to the meeting. (Amusing listening: “The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About” from Episode 511 of This American Life, November 8, 2013.)  
      • One person dominates. Let’s be frank: in any group of people, there is someone who talks the most and someone who talks the least. (You know who you are.) Let your Triad meetings start with the least talky among ye.

     Ask anything.