Peer Groups

Why to get CEO peers to challenge your assumptions.

Years ago, as a CEO and business owner, I needed more perspective. I was stale. I felt lonely at the top.

Even worse, no one was challenging my assumptions. Advice was everywhere — and always had an agenda attached.

I knew this: what I was doing was not producing the growth I wanted.

Something had to change.

I needed someone to question my answers.

So I gathered a dozen business owners — a CEO peer group here in Columbus, Ohio. We met confidentially to share experiences and insights. At monthly meetings, we described our challenges and opportunities — and greatly benefited from each other’s agenda-free recommendations. We learned, as Daniel Joseph Boorstin said: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.”

The result of my participation was substantial: my company became more professionally managed, process driven and — when I was ready — sellable.

This experience also improved my life beyond business. Held accountable by my peers, I allocated my time better. I was able to be home more. Life got better.

Want to grow — personally as well as professionally?  Feeling “lonely at the top?”

I convene monthly meetings of business leaders, meet individually with members, and bring in speakers (on topics of management and beyond). Three groups are for business owners and CEOs; two groups are for key executives (who report to CEOs); and a sixth group is for trusted advisors (whose clients are CEOs).

To amplify my coaching and facilitation, I am affiliated with Vistage International. My Vistage groups have access to the resources and knowledge of the world’s leading chief executive organization with 20,000 members around the world and enough alumni to crowd Ohio Stadium.

Are you right for my groups?
Here are the minimum qualifications.

My three Vistage CEO peer groups are for leaders who run companies with annual revenues of $1M+, are facing the challenges and opportunities that come with growth and success, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

My two Key Executive peer groups are for executives who report directly to a CEO, are being groomed for the CEO position at companies with annual revenues of $1M+, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

My Trusted Advisor peer group is for client-based professionals, such as attorneys, accountants and consultants, who serve CEOs and senior executives, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers. This group does not have a minimum revenue requirement.

During January 2018, I plan — with co-chair Lisa Marks Dolin — to launch a new CEO peer group for leaders of not-for-profit enterprises. For more information, click here.

Qualitatively, I admit people who: are smart, ambitious, and successful, are trusting and trustworthy, are earnest, but don’t take themselves too seriously, are kind-hearted (no jerks), play the big game — are willing to bring their biggest challenges, can engage — show up on time, focus (no cell phones), lean in, will confront their peers kindly, and are experienced enough to know they need to change — and energetic enough to do it.

My groups are for “A” Players. If you are an “A” Player, here is a message for you.

You Don't Have Time?

If your answer is “I don’t have time,” then I am here to question your answer. (Members say, “I come to Vistage to have my answers questioned.”)

Here are the Top 10 Reasons People Do NOT Join Vistage:

Let's Take A Drive

Strange, but it’s hard for me to talk into a camera — unless I’m driving. Let’s go!

Who is a good candidate for Vistage?

What happens at a Vistage group meeting?

What is a Vistage 121?

My Promise

If you are right for my Vistage groups, I will apply my best efforts and energies to improving your life — and the lives of your families and employees — substantially.

If this sounds like you — or a friend you want to introduce to me — please contact me. I’m here for you. I care.