What is a brand? Who truly owns it? How can marketers influence consumer attitudes about their brand experience? How can you advance the brand for your company, product or service? There is a process: start with understanding the consumers (the actual owners of your brand) and the true benefits you offer them. Then examine every touchpoint — every interaction between the consumer and your offer — to ensure that you are imaginatively on brand.

Artie reviews a variety of brands that demonstrate how to offer and deliver on a core brand promise. The presentation ranges in length (depending on the forum’s agenda) from 30 minutes to two hours, including advance readings and much lively interaction with the audience. The topic can be inspiring.

BASICS: 30 minutes to 2 hours presentation, including discussion.

RECOMMENDED FOR: audiences 18+ years of age, 20-200 people

FIELD TESTED: Artie has presented “Brand Marketing” to institutional, corporate and academic audiences.