What happens when you acquire a brand? What is the relationship between your flagship brand and the newly acquired brand? Do they merge? Do they compete with each other? Should one be absorbed and killed? Must you continue to support a brand that might eventually be retired? There are tried-and-true strategic alternatives for brand mergers. Like branding, start with a process: inventory the differing needs of the consumers for each brand and the true benefits offered by each of your brands. Remember: brand merger is part of a larger business strategy, not the end goal itself.

Artie reviews a variety of brands that have merged in a variety of ways, maximizing value for the overall enterprise. The presentation ranges in length (depending on the forum’s agenda) from 30 minutes to two hours, including advance readings and much lively interaction with the audience. The topic can be inspiring.

BASICS: 30 minutes to 2 hours presentation, including discussion.

RECOMMENDED FOR: audiences 18+ years of age, 20-200 people

FIELD TESTED: Artie has presented “Brand Mergers” to institutional, corporate and academic audiences.