Can you become more creative through more creative living? Yes, you can. You can learn how to be more creative, how to manage creative people, and how to work in a company or city that is (or is not) creative. Based on a lifetime of admiring and working with highly creative people, Artie can describe how they live their lives for greater creative output. This presentation is part inspiration, part prescription. The presentation ranges in length (depending on the forum’s agenda), from one hour to — really — a full curriculum of fifteen weeks (of weekly three hour sessions).

BASICS: 1 hour to a full semester of learning. Required A/V for PowerPoint presentation: screen, ability to darken private room.

RECOMMENDED FOR: audiences 18+ years of age, 20-200 people

FIELD TESTED: Artie teaches creativity management to MBA candidates at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and, formerly, The New Center at Capital University. Artie has also taught creative living to not-for-profit administrators during a power outage at the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, to 170 entrepreneurs at the Ohio Growth Summit, to recently divorced and separated people at the North Broadway Methodist Church (where the lights were on), and many other groups.