What makes people laugh? What is the secret ingredient that turns a simple phrase into a punchline? Can you be funnier? How does comic timing work? Based on his experience as a stand-up comedian and a professor of consumer behavior (not much different), Artie Isaac offers an enjoyable perspective on what makes humor funny. The presentation takes 40-60 minutes, works as a great ice-breaker for teams, and can include an interactive “you-be-the-cartoon-critic” exercise. The topic is always fun, because the source material (including New Yorker cartoons) is witty, once you understand.

BASICS: 40- to 60-minute presentation. Required A/V for PowerPoint presentation: screen, ability to darken room. Optional, but helpful: whiteboard or large easel pad of paper.

RECOMMENDED FOR: audiences 12+ years of age, 4-400 people

FIELD TESTED: During several decades of after-dinner experience, Artie has proven his chops with comic observations and storytelling.