Artie_with_ethiopian_jew_1How did the Jews come to Ethiopia? Theories abound, none can be confirmed, but one thing is clear: they’ve been practicing Judaism in Ethiopia for two millenia. This community, which once numbered one million souls, was found more than a century ago and has been returning to Israel in substantial numbers for decades. What is the story of the 100,000 Ethiopian Jews who now live in Israel — and what is the plan for the 20,000 Falesh Mura who remain behind in critical circumstances? Based on information learned during a three-day mission to Israel in August 2005, Artie will describe this beautiful and inspiring tribe of survivors.

BASICS: 30-minute presentation. Required A/V for PowerPoint presentation: screen, ability to darken room.

RECOMMENDED FOR: audiences 8+ years of age, 20-200 people

FIELD TESTED: Artie has presented this story to fundraising groups and religious school students.