Ad_pepto_bismol_2I once vomited from Miami to Columbus. It was a surreal experience, involving a major allergic reaction, a flight attendant who would simply not get near me, and my pregnant wife who stubbornly denied my hallucinogenic request to leave the plane (we were en route). So I filled bags and barfed until my eyes ached.

Good morning, pleasant reader.

So when any news splashes on the wire regarding airplane barf bags, I’m all eyes. Recently,

“US Airways Plans Barf Bag Ads” (reported on announced that barf bags are not just for breakfast anymore — now they are yet another out-of-home media opportunity.

Just how up in the air is this? At first it seems downright goofy, because you don’t want your logo on a barf bag any more than you want it on a urinal cake. But, then again, you’re not the marketing director of Pepto-Bismol. (If you are, please contact Artie Isaac). So it all comes down to: does your product or service share any attributes with the media? Law firms on airport signage makes sense. But keep my current clients’ logos off barf bags. That would make me sick.