At Young Isaac, we get smarter by learning from our clients. They are really smart.

Today, I received this note from a prospective client. [She became a major client three weeks later.] She teaches us about the importance of listening and taking notes:

We are meeting about your proposal this morning – so I am reading it now.

I only read the intro letter but I wanted to send you this note.

Thank you for hearing us.

I work with dozens of vendors/partners/agencies everyday and this rarely happens.

We talk; they talk (alot); they look like they’re listening.

Often, when we get information back it feels like we’ve hardly met much less been heard. As a client with hundreds of projects and multiple vendors, this is extremely frustrating. As a person, it feels like you were ignored.

Also, thanks for taking notes – it shows you’re listening ­čÖé

Already excited to be working with you,


What do the Youngsters know? Listen hard and take notes. Clients deserve true attention. And they will hire a new agency (us) to find it.