Fear_the_vest_2006I saw this van a couple months ago and shot a photograph. I’ve been thinking about what a person must go through to write such a statement on his or her car. For out-of-towners, the message — “Fear The Vest” — refers to the mundane sartorial choice (a sweater vest) of our extraordinary Ohio State football coach, Jim Tressel.

I will root for the Buckeyes tonight in the national championship. But not because I am particularly a football fan. (I am particularly not a football fan.)

I want the Buckeyes to win because Columbus is a better place to live when our hometown team wins. The drivers are nicer, making way. The clerks are nicer, making change. I mean, really: if my hometown can be a better place to live because a local group of college boys beats a faraway group of college boys in football, well, then I’m all for it.

Go, Bucks!