During the past 16 years, Young Isaac has enjoyed working with law firms of all sizes. The legal business has evolved into a marketable industry as the legal canon permits more expressiveness — and as lawyers themselves recognize that the competitive legal marketplace rewards those who lever intelligent, attention-getting, ethical marketing.

Cws_at_cmhSome of the work we’ve done is for Chester Willcox & Saxbe. Click on the little photo on the left to see some strategically sound, refreshingly different new airport advertising.

So, while I’ve been working with lawyers, I’ve always admired those that know how to develop new business…

They come in all shapes and colors — and I’ve always asked for their rainmaking secrets. Then, I ask if I can share those secrets. That’s led me to dozens of speaking engagements with rooms full of lawyers, where I share those secrets.

Today, I enjoyed offering these Rainmaker Secrets to 20 or so attorneys at Chester. (I can’t afford to be in a room with so many smart, high-priced lawyers.) Just click on Rainmaker Secrets to see the show.

I talked. They gave me a couple new secrets. They ate lunch. There’s really nothing so nice as watching lawyers eat. But that’s just what I got to do today.

If you want me to visit your lawyers, let me know. Here’s some background information on the presentation.