UpsidedownatvmAt Young Isaac, we help trustworthy clients sell important things. Nothing is more important to “sell” (and “buy”) than keeping children safe from the senseless risk of death and maiming. This is part of the work of one of our beloved clients, the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Columbus Children’s Research Institute at Children’s Hospital.

Atv_2007_3Our effort to educate the public on resisting the temptation of ATVs — we recently designed their promotional material (click on the image on the right) — is featured in today’s Columbus Dispatch in “Too many kids hurt on ATVs, critics say” by medical reporter Misti Crane.

According to the center’s director, Dr. Gary Smith:

Nearly 35,000 children younger than 16 years received emergency treatment during 2001 for ATV-related injuries, which is almost double the number only 8 years ago. We have training, licensing and minimum age requirements for the operation of automobiles, yet in most states there are no comparable requirements for the operation of an ATV. The safe use of an ATV requires at least as much skill, judgment, and developmental maturity as needed to operate an automobile. [This is excerpted from the Center’s website.]

Would you stop your child from smoking? What about riding on an ATV? Ask your pediatrician.

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