Sample Duckery

Attention, local readers, come welcome the arrival of summer…

…Doug Morgan, bicycling blogger of, enlightened voice of urban renewal and simpler living, mover and refinisher of cabinry and barnery, and, uh, lawyer, inspires this year’s Summer Classic….

This is your invitation to the Summer Classic

You are cordially invited to the Summer Classic. This year’s Summer Classic will start on this Friday, June 22, at 7 a.m., before it gets too dang hot. We will meet in Bexley at a local coffery. If you arrive on a bicycle, the magnanimous Youngsters of Young Isaac will buy your coffee and muffinry. Then, we will convoy by bike to our offices downtown.

The entire ride downtown is approximately four miles and takes about 30 minutes at an amateur’s pace. You’ll surely arrive before 8 o’clock.


Another, much better footbridge.

Sights to be seen: The Wolfe Park footbridge and ducks thereunder, the Franklin Park gardens, assorted living arrangements in Olde East, and — finally — your own office.

At 5:30 p.m., when you have toiled quite enough, we will leave downtown and ride to a pubbery in Bexley where we will drink beverages, again on Young Isaac.

As real Eurpoean bikers say, “Weo.”

What to bring: don’t wear your office garb. Take your fancy togs downtown a day or so early and stow them under your desk. On Friday, wear a tee-shirt and shorts. When you get to your office, you will surely be a little moist in certain delicate areas, but not gym-stinky. If you promonade around your office in your tee-shirt and shorts for 30 minutes, you will be dry and sweet smelling again — and can put on your daily costume.

[If you have higher grooming standards than I do, we can arrange for you to take a shower at The Athletic Club of Columbus. Reservations must be made for this amenity.]

RSVP / How to register

Contact the Summer Classic‘s Official Starter Monica Leck and let her know you are a peddler (and whether you will need a shower).

Monica will respond with specific location and answer any questions you might have.