ArexoticdancingThe local news about a State intern losing a disk with just about every Ohioan’s social security number reminds me of local-boy-made-good James Thurber’s tale, “The Day The Dam Broke.” In Thurber’s report, everyone ran from the banks of the Scioto because of the rumor (that the dam broke). Turns out, the river didn’t rise much more than a foot or an inch, without peril. Still, the whole town ran for miles.

Now we are running from the broken Identity dam. But where to run?

Many of us run to the local newspaper to read of the unfolding story. In today’s Columbus Dispatch, there’s an item about Interns Gone Wild. I received a call from Theresa Edwards, reporting on interns that didn’t work out so well. I told her our story and she reported on Young Isaac

When the Downtown advertising firm hired an intern about eight years ago, Artie Isaac didn’t realize that she had a more exotic side.

The arrangement became difficult, Isaac said, after staff members found out that the intern by day was a dancer by night.

Then they went to watch her.

“I think she was drumming up business,” he said.

Isaac, president of the firm, realized he had a problem after staff members started giving one another “dancing” names.

“When we say we’re a full-service ad agency,” he said, “that’s not one of the services we include.”

The whole story is here.

Oh, and my dancing name is Palatino Bold.