Mary1It’s been three years since my various coaches (A.J. Stinnett, Steve Anderson, Fred Points) guided me toward a fundamental recognition: I am not a manager.

Initially, when I told others about this revelation, they responded universally: "No kidding." Funny how we are often the last ones to recognize core truths about ourselves. You’d think that a species that spends so much of each day 8-12 inches from a mirror would have more self awareness.

Well, as friends and families of Young Isaac know, within a year, we’d hired a CEO, Mary Kall. When we mark the second anniversary of Mary’s arrival in September, we will celebrate the powerful effect of having good top manager for the Youngsters (including me).

From my personal perspective, it now seems as if I had been interrupted every 15 minutes for 15 years with questions I was not well suited to answer: Should we hire this person? Should we buy this chair? How should we price this project? Important questions, but one that should face a decisive decision-maker, not a enthusiastic debater. Plus, now, I can concentrate on client strategies, agency intellectual development, and community outreach — activities that are more up my alley. (What’s up yours?)

In the meantime, Columbus Business First has reported on Young Isaac, now under management, with today’s article by reporter Kevin Kemper, "Young Isaac makes a turn under new boss."

Here’s an update, three months later.