If you were wearing a tiara and a banner across your chest identifying you as the "Greene County Beef Queen" at the Ohio State Fair, wouldn’t you expect middle-aged men to ask you to pose for a picture?

Of course. That’s the whole idea (as far as I can tell).

I just love agricultural queens. And there she was, standing regal as a beef queen behind the Ohio Beef Producer’s lunch counter in the Taste of Ohio Cafe. She graciously accepted my request and I asked if she’d wait until I unwrapped my all-beef weenie. I explained to the queen and all her beef producing minions (or should that be bouillons?), "This will be photographic proof of my solidarity with the Beef Producers. This will demonstrate that I am a Beef Consumer and proud of it."

Indeed, upon hearing my comment, there was much joy among the Beef Producers on both sides of the counter.


And a darn good all-beef weenie it was. Much more satisfying than my awkward visit with the Pork Queens at the 2006 Ohio State Fair. (Click on either photo to enlarge.) I am many things, but I am not a Pork Consumer.

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