Only in Columbus, Ohio.

In a world rife with tragedy and human drama, our local WBNS 10-TV scrambled a news crew to track down the story of Just Who Wears Bow Ties In This Town. And, happily for a news-starved public, the crew found me in the street.

James Thurber would be proud.

Years ago, when the President of The Ohio State University, E. Gordon Gee, resigned and left town, I moved up one space on the quiet ranking of Geeky Guys Who Wear Bow Ties. Now, he has returned. Seeing President Gee return to Columbus has been nothing short of a Second Coming for those of us who think he’s largely responsible for the improvements of OSU (and Vanderbilt, where he served most recently) during the past decade.

For those of us who wear bow ties, he restores our pride and credibility. And claims the top spot on the list of Geeky Guys Who Wear Bow Ties.

And now, the news…

Want to tie your own bow tie? Here’s how.