A fake kid at risk

Anyone who exceeds the speed limit, or drives quickly (even within the speed limit) around parked cars, must think that getting to the destination is more important than the life and limb of the child who might be run over.

I used to become angry enough to shout when motorists would speed down our residential street. It still fries my grits, but I keep my emotions to quiet frustration. That’s because one fellow screeched to a halt and wanted to fight with me. I’m not willing to engage in a fistfight. Not that it would take very long. I’d surely be a quick loser in the Manly Art Of Fisticuffs.

So, what’s a slight fellow to do about speeders?

An answer comes from The Amazing Rando who sends a news item about an Ohio man who has produced life-size photographs of kids. He places these photographs in his front yard and, voila!, traffic slows down. The photographs are so realistic that some motorists have yelled at him for allowing his kids to play so close to the street!

A great slideshow of this story is available from NBC4 television’s website in the District of Columbia.


A Hambleton

This entrepreneur’s work reminds me of the graffiti artist Richard Hambleton, who placed heart-stopping sillhouettes in odd corners of New York City during the 1980s.

Want your own photographic lifesize cutout? Contact Mike’s Sign Factory in West Salem, Ohio.