Schmidtcolumbusmarathon1993720457I’m walking in the Columbus Marathon in October. (I’m far too patient to run.) I’ll be walking in memory of my father to raise funds for hospice in our community and nationwide. I’m working in conjunction with one of Young Isaac’s beloved clients, Run To Remember.

If you want to donate to this worthy cause, helping to make sure that we and our loved ones have critical help at life’s end, please just click here. You can make a donation there with a credit card.

I’ve thought a lot about hospice. Here’s what I think: your hospice volunteer has the honor of being your last new friend.

If you want me to come over and pick up a check, I’d be glad to do that. If you want to join me in the walk on October 21, just let me know. (That would be delightful.)

If you have any questions, of course, just contact me.

Thank you for your kindness (whether or not you contribute)!

(And if you simply want to learn more about Run To Remember, here is their website.)