Jackie Isaac
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We spend much of our lives trying to make our mothers proud. That never goes away, I guess.

What’s a special treat is when your mother makes you proud.

That happened — yet again — for me recently. Jackie Isaac, my one-time carrier unit, my biological spawner, my literal mothership, has been recognized yet again as a role model for today’s youth. The latest celebration of Her Fabulousness is by Goodwill Columbus, which builds independence, quality of life and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other barriers.

My mother has served the organization as a volunteer — raising money, attracting friends and collaborators, serving on the board and service board (they even give an annual “Jackie Isaac Award” to the person who serves best without complaining much), working with individual clients of Goodwill — for more than 35 years.

This could spawn a new generation of “Yo Mama” jokes. Please finish the sentence: “Yo Mama’s so philanthropic that…”

Here’s the announcement…

Here’s what Goodwill writes in a recent mailing to their donors and friends:

Spotlight on Philanthropy

To all who know Jackie Isaac, she is the face and heart of Goodwill Columbus. Her generosity and unwavering support has been the soul of Goodwill for more than 28 years. So it was only fitting and inspiring that Jackie’s family gave a substantial lead gift that put the “Many Faces of Goodwill Capital Campaign” over goal.

Jackie has changed the lives of thousands of people in our community with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities (MR/DD) and for individuals with physical disabilities through volunteering and philanthropy.

Jackie has volunteered in many different capacities. She has served on the Goodwill Board of Directors for 28 years. She established the Goodwill Columbus Service Board, a volunteer group that has raised more than $810,000 over 18 years. The funds raised through the Service Boards efforts support programs that help individuals with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities, physical disabilities and other barriers.

Jackie initiated the Annual Giving campaign at Goodwill Columbus. The funds raised from the Annual Giving campaign provide support for individuals served through Goodwill Columbus programs and services.

Today, Jackie continues to an active volunteer in Goodwill Columbus’ Volunteers Express program, assistng three individuals who have physical disabilities. On a weekly basis, she goes into these individuals homes and helps them read their mail, takes them to the grocery store and drug store, and does whatever is needed to help these individuals remain living independently.

Jackie Isaac is a civic-minded and caring individual who has been giving back to the central Ohio community for more than 30 years. She has made a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and is a role model for all to emulate.