Back_to_schoolthumbSeveral years ago, my 10th grade geometry teacher (John Detrick) and I stood at Broad & High and asked math questions of the passers-by. We gave treats for answers (chocolate for right answers; apples for wrong answers — except when the answerers preferred fruit).

Due to the overwhelmingly unmeasurable success of that initial incitement, we will return to the public realm with The Back To School Special. You are cordially invited this Wednesday (September 19) from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m., in the fancy courtyard of The Ohio State University Max Fisher College of Business. On Wednesday, John and I will be joined by beloved Columbus Academy English teacher Kevin Morrin. John will ask math questions; Kevin, English. I will serve as an apprentice and treat giver.

This event is weather sensitive and so are we. If it’s not a pleasant day, no Back To School Special.

Why are we doing this? (John asked me that again on Saturday evening.) One: the MBA students are returning to school after a summer of frivolity and internships. We think it might be helpful to offer them a quick reminder that One’s Reasoning Cannot Always Be Trusted. Two: it’s always nice to give students treats. Three: why not?

The secret reason I’m doing this is for extra credit for my 1976 geometry class. It turns out that there is no deadline for extra credit and I am very, very close to an A-.