Bill_oesterleMy friend (and a Young Isaac shareholder), Bill Oesterle has a monthly lunch with a dozen or so staff members at Angie’s List where he’s the CEO.

He calls the lunch “Bitch with Bill.” He’s very clear that it isn’t “Bitch at Bill” or “Bitch to Bill” or — heaven forbid — “Bitch about Bill” — just Bitch with Bill.

I know Bill and am sure he’s good at managing a conversation of bitching. I’ll bet it’s fun and gets people past their bitching.

In the spirit of Bill’s idea, I’ve invited the Youngsters to lunch today. It’s called Dream with Artie. We can dream about anything (except other Youngsters, of course, at least not in that way). And it doesn’t have to be all dreaming. There can be some bitching.

Our dream starter will be “What would you do if you had no fear?”

Join us (virtually)
For those of you playing the home version of today’s lunch, here’s the same question for you:

“What would you do if you had no fear?”

This is a question worth asking. My teacher Steve Anderson asks me this all the time. He says, and I believe: If you answer it with heart and frequency, you will probably achieve more of your dreams. Except those dreams about Artie. Or Bill. Egad.