ImagesWhat a treat to spend the lunch hour yesterday with the courageous board of trustees and senior staff of The House of Hope for Alcoholics, Inc.

Why “courageous”? Because they are devoted to charging through stereotypes, into the messy reality of combating alcoholism and drug dependency — both fatal diseases if left untreated. In a world where booze and drugs are misperceived as fun and freedom, the House of Hope offers a sane, wholesomely counter-cultural alternative for treatment.

That’s bravery.

A New Presentation
Our topic was Finding Courage, a new presentation for organizations that must overcome fear so they can overcome enormous challenges. Click here for details on the presentation and for the slides in the PowerPoint presentation.

You Can Get Involved
Want to get involved with House of Hope? You can get started by contacting these development folks.

I’m grateful to the House of Hope for helping me write Finding Courage.