Do you know anyone who would be a good trustee for this organization?

It’s Haven of Hope Cancer Foundation, an organization in its first year. I joined the board a couple months ago.

We are looking for trustees who are:

  • upbeat, glass-half-full people who have had personal experience with cancer (in themselves or in their loved ones);
  • able to focus at the board level (not micro-managers) where we set policy, oversee the top administrator and ensure the financial viability of the organization; and
  • experienced in fundraising; able to raise (or give) $5,000 per year.

Here's our quick pitch, prepared for the trustees to speak about Haven of Hope…

Imagine you are walking with a friend.

She asks: “So what’s this Haven of Hope organization?”
•  Here’s what you might say: "When somebody gets cancer, they get medical attention to fight the physical cancer. But cancer attacks more than someone’s body. It attacks the entire life. Haven of Hope helps people defend their lives, while the doctors fight their cancer."

“Like what? What specifically does Haven of Hope do?”
• "Haven of Hope provides patient support and advocacy, classes on looking good, lunches for folks to share experiences and meet survivors, financial support, crisis intervention — even pet therapy."

“Pet therapy?”
• "Research shows that playing with a dog can improve a patient’s overall well-being during medical treatments. Haven of Hope has Certified Pet Therapy dogs."

“Certified Pet Therapy dogs. Whoda thunk?”
•  "You know it all comes down to this: cancer happens. Heaven forbid it happens to you. People with cancer often feel alone in their struggle. Haven of Hope ensures that no one is alone — and it is all for free.

You’ve probably seen the Zangmeister Center, the beautiful building off 670 at Cassady near the airport? That’s where Haven of Hope is. Let’s go over there and get the 15 minute tour. You’ll be amazed.

Feel free to forward this to anyone. I’d be glad to hear from any interested person.

Of course, if you want to make a financial contribution right now, here you go. Thank you!