CheckYoung Isaac is, for the sixth year in a row, sending out a pile of $8 checks to our friends, asking each friend to forward the check to a favorite charity.

If you are new to this fabulous scheme, here are the answers to the top three questions that will soon come to your mind.

Read on for our public relations counsel, Jayme Soulati‘s press release…


Since 2001, company has invested $60,000 and donated $6,000 indirectly to not-for-profits

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec. 10, 2007) — At a time when people and companies are gearing up to make end-of-year charitable contributions, Young Isaac, Inc., the innovative marketing communications and advertising firm in Columbus, is launching its annual philanthropy program featuring an $8 blank check.

A list of nearly 500 Young Isaac clients and friends are mailed a check with the payee left blank. Each person is encouraged to earmark the $8 to a charity of their choice and perhaps send additional funds at the same time, which Young Isaac does not track.

“This is a philanthropic exercise to encourage development of charitable giving on a regular basis,” said Artie Isaac, founder and president of Young Isaac. “Annually, we hope to exceed a 50 percent rate of redemption, which is tremendous when you consider most direct marketing campaigns yield 3 percent, if lucky. What’s unfortunate is that nearly half of the checks we send are tossed in the circular file!”

Since 2001, Young Isaac has invested more than $60,000 to concept, design and produce the philanthropy program. Indirect donations to regional and national charities have totaled approximately $6,000 which constitutes 750 checks at $8 each for a 45 percent average rate of return. In 2006, there were 120 not-for-profit beneficiaries of Young Isaac’s charitable giving program. (A list of the 2006 organizations is available.) Recipients include faith-based organizations; children’s groups; health care foundations and hospitals; homeless and women’s shelters; social service groups; and more.

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