So do you want to be a little more environmentally responsible?

Receiving catalogs in the mail that you put right in the trash or recycling?

What’s a new Greenie to do? I don’t know if this is a real deal, but I’m doing it.

I visited Catalog Choice and gave them my mailing address. As I receive catalogs I don’t want, I just register the information from the mailing label on the catalog. Then, they ask the direct mail marketers to remove me from the mailing list. And I can always go to the website to add more catalogs and see what they’ve heard from the marketers.

I’m not against direct mail marketing.
Of course. (We make it at Young Isaac.) But the merchants who send me catalogs I don’t want aren’t helping their own causes. Rather than send me catalogs that I immediately trash, they can save their own money (and all our trees and landfill) by skipping me next time. That’s good for everyone.

It makes direct marketing more direct.

Catalog Choice is free. And it will probably work nicely.