Doug Morgan is my hero.

In my continuing hero worship, I shall now steal his story. (With disciples like me, who needs plagiarizers?)

Doug spake thusly:

I went to the bike store recently and asked whether I should upgrade to the new titanium frame. It costs hundreds, maybe a thousand dollars more. What’s the benefit? You can shave a couple pounds off the bike. So I asked the bike guy, Dave Baer, "Should I buy one of these? Is it the cost worth the decrease in weight?"

Dave looked at me. Then he confirmed my question by asking me, "You’re willing to spend a lot of money taking two pounds off your bike?"

"Yes, I think so," I said. "What do you recommend?"

Dave answered: "You want to shave off a couple of pounds. Here’s a way to do that without spending any money at all." He pats his trim stomach. "Eat a smaller lunch everyday. Shave a couple pounds off your frame. It will have the same overall effect on your biking. And, of course, it will be better for you anyway."

This is more than a story about biking and Doug Morgan. It’s a story about ethical marketing. What did Dave Baer do? He told the truth. He gave great advice. He sacrificed a thousand-dollar sale. What did he get? A lifelong trust from Doug Morgan, who will over time buy everything in the store, including the titanium frame.

And now you’ve also read the story. That’s what Dave Baer did.

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