Happyface_happyface_smiley_2400x240Sometimes, I think that the happiest guy in the world is the person who gives nothing to charity.

Right: nothing.

Why are you happy if you give nothing to charity?

1. You must think that everyone is pretty much OK without your help. That’s such a nice thought, the thought of a world redeemed, a childlike thought — it almost puts me to sleep.

2. You aren’t ever frustrated by your charitable limits. For example, you don’t worry that your increased gift to Charity A means you can’t give as much to Charity B. More than that, you aren’t plagued by the idea that you don’t have the resources to help in as many situations as you’d like.

You’re just plain happier. Plus you have more money to spend on things you need. And, hopefully, a lot of things you want. And maybe things you don’t even know you want. Yet.

Your non-contributions are like micro-economic stimulus packages in your own home. You are a self-stimulating micro-economy. Sweet!

I speak from experience.
I was a heckuva lot happier before I started giving to charity. (Sure, now I think I have more meaning in my life. But, man, at what cost?)

And I don’t even give enough to truly make a difference. Imagine how frustrated Bill and Melinda Gates must be.


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