20050908163837_img_0322775900 Where do you draw the line?

Are you willing to do anything? Is nothing beneath you?

Of course not.

But where do you draw the line?

And are you courageous enough to tell others?

The List of Non-Negotiables
What's on your list of non-negotiables? These are the things that you simply refuse to compromise. You won't bend on these standards.

Another way to come up with this list is to imagine what, on your deathbed, you simply must have accomplished.

Do you think others know what your non-negotiable are? They probably do not. (They're focused on their own non-negotiables.) If you want others to know where you won't bend, let them know. Or else: plan to be asked to compromise on your non-negotiables.

What's On My List?
Thanks for asking. I'm touched that you care.

For me, the idea of teaching is generating a couple non-negotiables:

  1. Each month, I must be in a classroom teaching.
  2. Each day, I must be a teacher less formally.

I just don't want to be 95 and wondering why I never was a teacher.

My promises are also part of my list of non-negotiables.

What's on your list?