Now is the time to answer the call of The Theatre! She is calling your name!

(Hey, doesn’t she look like Thornton Wilder?)

Please, stay focused.

She wants you to volunteer on the production of Our Town which will be presented the last week of June 2008 in Bexley, Ohio.

If you are even the slightest bit interested, please put the evening of Monday, April 21st on your calendar.

That evening, all the volunteer opportunities will be described and scheduled.  (In the technical, high brow parlance of the theatre, we call this "The Big Volunteer Meeting.")

We’ll need help every step of the way – back stage, in the scene shop, ushering, costuming, make-up, getting the word out and more. A number of wonderful people have already let us know that they’re interested, and we are so very grateful for them, but we need more, more, more! (The Theatre, she is a greedy lover. Mmmm.)

If you have skeells that you’d like to lend, or you’d like to learn some new skeells, please call 614-558-7408 or email the producer.

Or just come to The Big Volunteer meeting. Here’s information on specifically where…

Bring your friends. And if you make any new friends between now and then (you can! you will!), bring them, too.