Martin Saperstein, market research Ph.D., founder of Saperstein Associates, and an uncommon advocate for the humble knish said it again yesterday.

"Do anything long enough and it will end badly."

Marty had said it before to me: 18 years ago, when we met, and then a couple times along the way. It often comes in the course of a conversation about long-term planning for an entrepreneurial business.

He offers this troubling thought with perfect diction and a matter-of-fact sunniness: "Well. The way I see it is: do anything long enough and it will end badly."

"What about marriage?"
So, yesterday, our mutual friend Robin leans in and asks: "What about marriage?"

"Oh, marriage," answers Marty, who is so happily and well married. "In the best case, you are perfectly married to the most wonderful person for many, many years. Then one of you dies."

From my perspective, this isn’t pessimism. It’s a realism that says, "Carpe diem. Don’t defer satisfaction until the bitter end. Because, well, the end will be bitter."

Have a nice day.