A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I’ve been invited to deliver this year’s Heisler Lecture on Business Ethics at Ohio Wesleyan University.

I’ve worked up a passionate and, I hope, informed talk on the Ethics of Speech in Business (and Life).

Tonight is the night (Monday, April 7) and…

You are cordially invited.

Admission is free. The organizers expect about 170 attendees.

All you have to do is come to the Delaware campus. Here’s the Google map to get you to the Benes Rooms of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 40 Rowland Avenue, Delaware, Ohio.

The talk starts at 7:30 p.m.

(Spoiler alert: Don’t peek if you are attending. Here are the slides I’m using.)

But what if you can’t wait until 7:30?
What if you want to hear a talk, any talk, right now?

Then, dear reader, you have issues.

So here — in the convenience of your computer — is another talk from TED ("Ideas Worth Spreading") that is wonderfully interesting. (Thanks to Tina for sending it my way.)

In the following video, a brain scientist finally explains the idea of Right Brain/Left Brain in a way that even I can understand. She understands the difference, because she personally had a stroke that interrupted the left side of her brain.

Here’s Jill Bolte Taylor describing My Stroke of Insight.

(If the video below takes too long to load, just click here and you’ll go straight to her talk on the TED website.)