I love the way Stephen Covey thinks.

His matrix (click on it below) is nothing new, but it offers great insight for every day.

If we let the world rule us, we find ourselves in Quadrant 1. We are constantly answering important demands.

These demands are important, so we feel highly functional. But, as Covey’s Time Management Matrix suggests, if we are always answering the Urgent/Important calls, we might never get to Quadrant 2, the Not Urgent/Important.

MatrixAnd it’s the Not Urgent/Important activities — planning, preparation, values clarification — that just might lift us out of so many day-to-day Urgent/Important activities.

Dr. Covey says we should live more of our lives in Quadrant 2, rather than drowning in Quadrant 1.

Who you gonna believe: yourself or a doctor?

I’m against letting the baby cry and the kitchen burn.
But neither the crying baby nor the burning kitchen care whether your life becomes more effective. They’re just crying and burning. (It’s all about them, isn’t it?)

Surely, you can spend at least 30 minutes tomorrow creating a vision for your future.