I’m not giving up the blog business.

I’m just thinking about my final post. Isn’t the blogger’s final post on a tombstone?

Here’s mine:


What Inspired This Madness?
I wrote my obituary today. It’s for later use.

I once read that obituary writers for The New York Times often interview their subjects — and then put the final draft in a filing cabinet for use at the right time. Later.

It’s awkward for everyone when the aging subject eagerly asks, "When will my profile run in the newspaper?"

And the reporter says, "We haven’t assigned a date for it yet."

Play The Home Version
It’s a nice — if morose — creative exercise to write one’s own tombstone. You can do it here.

One Guy. Many Stones.
How about this one:


This is for all the folks who will come to my funeral and suddenly think, "I should have called him. I thought he was too busy. I thought he couldn’t take on another client."

I’m not that busy.

Or, maybe, this:

  Or, for my environmental friends:


OK, then: